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Power Flush your heating system

By September 26, 2023April 26th, 2024Heating


Heating on but the house still FREEZING?

A BOILER that takes hours to warm up could mean you need to get it serviced. The problem is often caused by a build up of dirty water and sludge, which causes a blockage in the heating system.
  • An inefficient boiler is a sign you need to get a plumber to do a service, or even replace your model.
  • This is because it points to a blockage in the system, caused by dirty water or sludge.
  • If your boiler makes strange clunking noises, it is another sign your boiler urgently needs repair.

If your boiler takes forever to heat up, or else it never gets properly warm, it could point to a blockage in the system.

Over time, central heating systems may get blockages in the pipes, for instance from dirty water or sludge.

Sometimes, a radiator fails to get warm because of an airlock in the central heating system, or else a fault with the thermostatic radiator valve.

However, another common cause is a partial blockage in the system which affects it.

Signs of a blockage include some radiators failing to heat up at all, or radiators which have a warm top and a cold bottom.

Another sign you need a boiler service or even a new boiler to be installed includes strange sounds.

If your boiler is making a loud banging sound regularly (and not just when you turn up the thermostat) this spells trouble.

It could mean any number of boiler issues, from a broken valve to heat pump problems.

The first step to take is to turn off the boiler if you hear these strange sounds.

Then, call out an engineer to fix your boiler or advise on whether it needs a replacement.

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