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Solar Thermal Systems in Oxfordshire

Here at A1 Services Oxford we provide a range of products, including solar thermal systems.

How They Work

Solar thermal systems use the sun’s warmth to heat some of your hot water. Fluid inside solar collectors (panels) on your roof absorbs irradiance from the sun. It’s then pumped along pipes to your hot water cylinder, heating up the water to a preset temperature. After this, your boiler or immersion heater then tops up the heat as needed, bringing the water to the temperature on the thermostat. Run yourself a nice relaxing bath to celebrate – you’ll be saving money every time you turn on the hot tap!

When They Work Best

A solar thermal system will work best in summer when it can heat up to 90% of the hot water you use. However, it will still save you money all year round. They can even be designed to contribute towards your heating costs. Thanks to the government there are some tempting financial incentives too.

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To find out more about these systems, give our team a call on 01235 812999 or 01865 327732.

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