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Vokera Boilers in Oxfordshire

At A1 Services Oxford we can install Vokera gas boilers,  repair or service. Vokera gas boilers in Oxfordshire.

Vokera Boilers

All Vokera boilers are condensing, or high efficiency, boilers as it is also known which maximise the heat the boiler generates by recovering some of the lost energy, which would normally be lost through the flue.

A condensing boiler can on average save you 30% of your energy usage. Legislation that came into force in 2005 now requires that any new domestic gas appliance is a condensing boiler.

In 2015, a piece of mandatory legislation was introduced that requires the presence of energy labels on heating products and systems.

Vokera products have quality built in as standard and have been designed for ease of installation and commissioning, ease of operation and a lifetime reliability.

Boilers of various heating outputs and flow rates are available. Because of this, there’s bound to be a Vokera Boiler that will provide warmth to your home.

Quality Boilers – Built to Last

We only ever install high-quality parts that are extremely reliable and built to last. With our many years of experience, we recommended Vokera condensing boilers. They are highly efficient due to the heat coming from condensing water vapour in the flue gases

Vokera Limited was established over 35 years ago and has bases across the UK and Ireland, which support every Vokera installation. Vokera offers the complete home heating package. With 100% of Vokera boilers being tested before they leave the factory

Just for you complete peace of mind we are accredited Gas, Oil and LPG engineers, so you can put your trust in us when it comes to installing your boiler, central heating system or boiler repairs.

We can service, repair and install many types of boilers including those below.

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